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BattleLive : Human vs Zombie

A world where humans and zombies coexist.
Human streamers draw attention with zombie hunting as their content.
Some zombies protested against them and started punishing zombie hunters in reverse,
This confrontation between humans and zombies is broadcast on the Internet and is very popular.
People finally refer to the content as'Battle LIVE' in which humans and zombies fight together.

● Asymmetric War

  • Humans seeing with eyes vs Zombies seeing with ears

  • Asymmetrical confrontation between sight and hearing

Human vision is normal, but...

Zombies are blind, so they can grasp their surroundings with sound waves!

● Real-time Multiplay Action


  • Real-time Free For All solo exhibition with 8 people gathered in one room

  • ​Kill 5 players and clear the mission

Let's level up by farming the bots

If you have confidence, let's fight other players

Let's use powerful skills

When multiple players flock, a brawl occurs.

You can buy skills or stats from vending machines

● Instant Multiplayer

  • No need to wait for matching, immediately join the room in progress

  • io style instant multiplayer

Click [Start!] to join the game without waiting.

● Upgrade

  •  A system that can upgrade character stats, skills, etc.

  • ​Let's become a stronger Battler.

Your playstyle will also be affected by upgrading your talent (skill).


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