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Game Title: Squad Guardian



1. Unique Genre Mix: Combines elements from various games for a fresh experience.

2. Concept: Players manage a battle squad and use magic to intervene in battles.

3. Gameplay: Single-player auto-battler/defense with TCG-style interaction and deck-building.




1.Auto-battle: Set a 4-character squad and battle against monsters in each round.

2.Player Intervention: Players use 'skill cards' during battles to cast magic spells, positively affecting allies or negatively affecting enemies.

3.Deck-building: After each round, players receive consumable skill cards, which need to be managed strategically.

4.Intermission: Players can strengthen their squads between rounds, adjusting their strategies accordingly.

5.Boss Battle: Players face a powerful boss in the final round and must strategically build and manage their decks to win.


*Unique Aspects:

1. Offers a new experience by mixing RTS and TCG genres, with players directly intervening in battles using magic spells.

2. Provides high replay value and engagement through strategic gameplay, roguelike deck-building, and challenging level design.

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